Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm baaaaaaaack

I'm not even going to bother with excuses. I have none.

Just a quick post as am clearly out of practice and need to ease into things slowly.

Listening: I just rediscovered GrooveShark, my local answer to Pandora. Thank goodness, although I'm not entirely sure what I was listening to last as all of my recommendations seems to be ABBA, Disney and EDM. This is a strange combination, indeed.
Eating: Donut made tuna salad for breakfast. Is this normal breakfast food? I think not. But I am hardly about to complain when I get to sleep in and wake up to a ready made meal and hot cup of tea, am I? (Well.  Normally, I might complain a little. But I didn't today.)
Feeling: That awful feeling when you have a lovely 3 day weekend, you know you should be out taking advantage of what's very likely to be the last bit of sunshine you see for months and months, but all you really want to do is lounge on the couch in your bathrobe, drinking tea, eating your way through a tin of Quality Street, catching up on Downton Abbey and scrolling through Pinterest. 
Loving: We are in the final countdown to Centrum Krakov opening down the street, which I thoroughly expect to completely change my life, to say little of my bank account. That vacation is booked. Lovely watercolors from Elizabeth Cadd. My very Joan Holloway (nee Harris) new dress for work. 
Hating: Winter is coming. (Semi-related, it's absolutely ages until Game of Thrones starts up again.)
Wanting: slinky, super tall black suede boots. I realize they will last approximately one day before they're covered in slush and look totally beat up, but what a glorious day it will be. 
Needing: a personal trainer. I will kill Donut if he keeps trying to be one for me. And a mixer - it's almost Christmas cookie season! Looked yesterday as found the most perfect green KitchenAid, but if you think that they're expensive in the states, think again. They will run you about $1000 here. So..... no. Will just mix all my cookie dough by hand, possibly erasing need for personal trainer (until have eaten all of said cookies). 
Thinking: What can I possibly put on this canvas? How necessary is it that I clear off all the clutter that has become a mountain of books, papers, chocolate wrappers (damn you Quality Street) and papier-mache pigs on my desk? How can I get Donut to stop flying his toy helicopter so near my head short of cramming it...
Planning: Living room re-do as we've completely rearranged the apartment, how to stay in London for two days without spending more on a single room with twin bed and shared toilet down the hall that I did on a week in Croatia, my next masterpiece, to be less of a blogging delinquent.