Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Une Nuit à Paris

In Part Deux of our 12 Dates in 12 Months schtick, Donut and I "went" to Paris for Valentine's Day. Well, I knew we were going for Valentine's Day. Donut, in his Czechy practicality, doesn't appreciate VDay like us Americans, so for him this was just Thursday. With dinner. And a theme.

I picked up some macaroons from Paul for dessert as I feared French pastries were a bit beyond my means.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Be still my heart

18. Today's post is an easy one. Sorry Donut, but another man has stolen my heart. 100% of my Prague love today goes to the little grandpa at the insurance company who saw me staring dumbfounded at the electronic entrance machine, smiled through my awful attempts at Czech, explained to the women behind the desk what I needed help with and got me in and out in half an hour. The bureaucracy here can be a bitch (hence tear-filled breakdown at the foreign ministry last week), so anyone who is ready with a smile behind a counter is automatically a winner in my book. Also, similar snaps to the man at the post office (I swear, we have the loveliest staff at our branch, nah nah). Lots of tourist guides paint Czechs as a surly lot who lack even the most basic of customer service skills, and to that I say... perhaps the problem lies with you.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

DIY Painted Pots

I finally admitted defeat and my poor little houseplants are now where they belong... in the trash. However, this freed up a few little pots and I knew that I could easily make them cuter than they already were. So here goes...

Credit Where Credit is Due

As you can see, there's been some changes here at Agog. While my laptop has nearly suffered the consequences of technically induced rage, I could not have figured out how to do this without the help of the following...

Lifesavers. Computersavers. <3
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You gotta give a little love

10. There are lots of spots in Prague that are designated expat hangouts. There are also lots and lots of pretentious expats who will vilify these places, spouting off lines such as "You'll never get a true Prague experience if you only hang out with other Americans," or "Well I only go to truly Czech places because I like to immerse myself in the culture."  Well, bravo for you. I like to go to places where I can get a damn good cheeseburger. Fraktal's one of them. It's super close, modestly priced and has a friendly staff. And even though their menu changes have taken my beloved Fraktal BLT and turned it into something no where near as good (bring back the English bacon!!!), there are still lots of yummy new things, so one can't get too mad. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Showing Some Love

5. Most of what decorates my apartment is from home, IKEA, or the product of a Sunday afternoon spent covered in paint. This is because a) I'm sentimental, b) IKEA is my happy place, c) art Sundays are therapeutic and lovely, and d) I'm poor. However, one day I hope not to be, and when that day comes my apartment will be full of charming little tchotchkes from Apropos. I love the cheerfulness of their stock from Green Gate and obviously, I will be going and buying this thermos from PaperProducts Design, because I love it and my one and only coffee mug has seen better days:

Monday, February 4, 2013

How Do I Love Thee?

Since February is the month of love (and also of Black history, LGBT history, bird feeding [skipping that one], the Super Bowl, when the US eagerly watches a groundhog in hopes of spring, when Sri Lanka and St. Lucia celebrate their independence, when Argentinians praise the sun, where Brits and Yanks wear red and when the whole world celebrates their mother tongue [no English lessons on February 21st?]), I decided to have a little list of all of the things I love about my city. A round up of my favorite places and spaces. A review of all that's hot, hip and happening cheap, convenient, and delicious, in no particular order. So let's have at it, shall we?