Sunday, February 17, 2013

DIY Painted Pots

I finally admitted defeat and my poor little houseplants are now where they belong... in the trash. However, this freed up a few little pots and I knew that I could easily make them cuter than they already were. So here goes...

Super easy and super fast craft, which is excellent because as I'm sure you're aware, I lack any type of patience. Instant gratification is the name of this game.

I started with some (newly) empty little flower pots, some pencils, and some metallic Pentel Paint Markers in varying bullet sizes.

Wash and dry your pots. Then, using a pencil, map out what you want your design to be. I used a quote from Kate Spade. If you eff it up (as I did), you can just rub and the pencil will come right off.

Then I took a medium sized pen and copied over what I'd written out. Let it dry (which is super fast - yay! Instant Gratification!)

Then I went back over everything, filling out and thickening what I wanted to, and making it look nice. 

Because I wanted this one to hold my makeup brushes, I put some little decorative pebbles in it, and shoved those brushes in. 

Voila! Easy as can be!

Then I played around with the others. 
Making a dandelion is as easy as drawing some lines and putting some dots on the end. 


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