Saturday, February 9, 2013

Showing Some Love

5. Most of what decorates my apartment is from home, IKEA, or the product of a Sunday afternoon spent covered in paint. This is because a) I'm sentimental, b) IKEA is my happy place, c) art Sundays are therapeutic and lovely, and d) I'm poor. However, one day I hope not to be, and when that day comes my apartment will be full of charming little tchotchkes from Apropos. I love the cheerfulness of their stock from Green Gate and obviously, I will be going and buying this thermos from PaperProducts Design, because I love it and my one and only coffee mug has seen better days:

6. Lazy picnics in Stromovka, Prague's biggest park, are one of my favorite things about summer. Grab a big blanket, some wine and snacks, and a deck of cards. Commence tanning, napping, chatting and generally having a gloriously lazy day in the sunshine. Play with puppies. Glare menacingly at the small children interrupting your repose. Wonder how long you'll have to live in Europe before being comfortable sunbathing topless in the park. The park is so big that you can always find your own little haven - ours just happens to be under the big tree by the pond. Don't steal our spot.

7. Modrý Zub has become our go to place for birthday celebrations, which is fine by me because I think it's delicious. Blue Tooth (in English... obviously) has all types of yummy Thai dishes, though my favorite thing is definitely their Tom Kha Kai because it's the perfect mix of spicy and sweet. Lots and lots of spicy things, right in the city center (five seconds from Wenceslas), and gahhhh. I'm starving. I think writing this now is a terrible idea, as clearly must now go get myself some blue noodles (yes, you can get those too!). 

8. Okay, let's get away from food before I lose my mind. Aha! Wine. Much better.
Vinotéka sv. Kláry is absolutely my favorite place in the city to drink wine. In the summer, getting a bottle of delicious white wine, sitting at one of the little metal tables and just enjoying the view is one of the absolute best things about Prague. Views of the city from the vineyard in the Botanical Gardens are stunning - you are right above Troja palace and can see the entire city. Am incredibly excited that we'll be moving directly across the street from the botanical gardens so that we can indulge any time our hearts desire. Also, the Botanical Gardens in general are fantastic. 200Kc will get you a season pass on your Opencard, or 50Kc for the day, and they're beautiful. It's a fantastic place to walk, learn or just grab a book and one of the lawn chairs and have a quiet afternoon. Can you tell that I'm getting very anxious for some warmer weather?

9. This one has been on my Prague Bucket List for over a year, and last Tuesday Donut and I finally went in. It's Vetešnictví at Ujezd, which translates to junk shop. I have no idea why it took me so long to get in there, especially because I pass the Ujezd tram stop approximately 2,103,948 times a week, but now that I've gone once, I know I'll be heading back again. This junk shop is literally packed to the rafters with anything old you could possibly imagine - movie posters, postcards, books, paintings, military helmets, coffee cans, Quality Street chocolate tins, suitcases, letters and postmarked envelopes, vases, figurines, typewriters, everything. I stepped foot inside the door and immediately knew that I could easily spend hours in this verrrrrrrrry tiny, verrrrrrrrry cramped little shop because there is just The Pinterest addict in me was mentally calculating what I could turn everything into and how many suitcases-turned-coffee tables we could fit in our apartment. The hoarder in me was delighted - so much stuff! The container freak in me was dying over the vintage tins and trying to convince Donut of the necessity of the rusty blue Kava and Cukr jars (he was significantly less enthused than I was). Now that I know, I will definitely be taking a long afternoon to poke around more carefully and will probably return dust covered but delighted with my haul. 


Yesterday, I finally busted out my sewing machine again as I was getting really sick of looking at the growing pile of projects taking over my desk. Firstly, I took my two crappy IKEA throw pillows, stuffed them inside some old sweaters, cut off the excess and stitched 'em up. 

The yellow one is a bit lumpy because I pulled the stuffing out of the IKEA pillow only to realize that it was all little balls and lumps of stuffing. However, I didn't feel like going out and running up to the fabric store so I just went with it. The green one is lovely and squishy though. 

Then I took this mess and, continuing in my disdain for following patterns (impatience is what it is), I just kind of winged the completion of my Kindle cover, and two broken needles and quite a bit of head scratching later, this is what I ended up with:

I think it came out quite sweet, all things considered. The ribbon was a bit of an afterthought, as once I'd finished sewing everything I realized I'd forgotten to include some means of holding it all together, but I think it's cute. Not too bad, though I'd never be able to repeat it! 

My other project is way more OCD. I saw this cord organizer on IHeartOrganizing and thought that it looked like a much better system than what I currently have, which is all of my stuff shoved in a really big clutch. So off I went, armed with my little IKEA box... 

Please ignore how dusty it is.
Then I cut out my cardboard bits. 
Then I stuck 'em together. 
Then I stuck them all in the box to make sure I hadn't completely screwed up my measuring. I had.
Made adjustments as necessary.
Decided that while Jen's box looked super adorable when covered in scrapbook paper, I'd pushed my luck with cutting enough as it was. Decided to paint it instead, so hauled out my easel box (thank you Donut!) and got to work.
Also don't have a label maker (is sitting somewhere in NJ. Why didn't I bring it back?! Agh!?!) so have silly handwritten labels instead. However, basic point of the project was achieved, everything's  nice and organized and off my bedside table, and my obsessive need for things to be put in the correct places was satisfied. Temporarily. 

Have had a lovely, relaxing morning of scrolling through Pinterest picking out my next projects, digging through my closets trying to find stuff to either fix or donate (I have found two shirts to give away, and "rediscovered" lots of other clothes. This is not successful. The point is to downsize.), and trying to figure out a blog redesign. Think I shall have a cup of tea and do more of the same. 

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