Monday, February 18, 2013

Be still my heart

18. Today's post is an easy one. Sorry Donut, but another man has stolen my heart. 100% of my Prague love today goes to the little grandpa at the insurance company who saw me staring dumbfounded at the electronic entrance machine, smiled through my awful attempts at Czech, explained to the women behind the desk what I needed help with and got me in and out in half an hour. The bureaucracy here can be a bitch (hence tear-filled breakdown at the foreign ministry last week), so anyone who is ready with a smile behind a counter is automatically a winner in my book. Also, similar snaps to the man at the post office (I swear, we have the loveliest staff at our branch, nah nah). Lots of tourist guides paint Czechs as a surly lot who lack even the most basic of customer service skills, and to that I say... perhaps the problem lies with you.

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