Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Final Countdown

Two weeks to go! Two weeks to cram in a year full of Jersey - that means disco fries, taylor ham, beefsteak tomatoes, BBQs, friends, family, and a certain little man in a permanent tuxedo.

Isn't he well dressed? Such a gentleman.

That also means it's time to seriously think about packing. And not in the abstract "Oh, well, I'll bring my jeans, and my blazers, and four hundred and eight pairs of shoes" way I've been dealing with it, but in the serious sit down, shut up and make a list way. Yikes. Then it's official. Eeeek!

Spent yesterday afternoon flicking through Frommer's slideshow on Prague and cannot believe that I get to live in such a fabulous city for a year. Seriously, who cannot look at this and fall completely in lurve?

Not I, that's for sure!

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