Saturday, September 8, 2012


Listening: lots of James Morrison && Pixie Lott, with a dash of Noisettes thrown in
Eating: I did not eat leftover chinese food for breakfast. I did not.
Feeling: The aftereffects of one too many old fashioneds (though suppose it could be the chinese food that I did not eat). Bummed about not getting this job, but telling myself that there's no point being sad about something you never had, and this just means that something far, far better will come along instead :) (channeling Shannon's powers of positive thinking)
Loving: That we get a new roommate today! That our apartment is spick and span! The excellence that is Angry Housewives Eating BonBons by Lorna Landvik (great recommendation Jamie!). BBC's Land Girls, and anything made from sugar, apparently. 
Hating: It's a beautiful, sunshiney Saturday - what's to hate? 
Wanting: new boots!
Needing: a Czech textbook - to the bookstore I go!
Thinking: What are all the things I can do today before I absolutely, definitely, unavoidably must clean the bathroom?
Planning: What to bring to Croatia! One week! Also, how many times I can blast On a Boat by The Lonely Island while lounging in a bikini and drinking champagne before my fellow yacht-ers throw me overboard...

Today is my one year anniversary of living in Prague - crazy! It feels like it has absolutely flown by, but there's also a big part of me that feels like I've been here forever. In the past twelve months I have...

  • met a whole boatload of some of the nicest, sweetest, most interesting people ever, people who I hope will be lifelong friends (and gracious hosts when I crash on their couches during future travels!)
  • had to say goodbye to too many of them, along with already missing home and everyone and everything that goes with it
  • seen absolutely stunning places, both in my new home city and abroad. Krakow's currently tied for the top spot with Prague, but have sneaky suspicion that Croatia could soon change that. 
  • developed a whole new appreciation for good beer. And sausages. Though, to be honest, that appreciation was always there
  • danced to the Grease medley about a gajillion times
  • not learned any significant amount of Czech... oops...
  • discovered my inner songstress. Sorry, roommates. 
  • given the Prague grand tour to visitors more times than I can count
  • let all of my beautiful heels sit in the apartment, unused and screaming to be let out. I know beauty is pain, but I don't really fancy a trip to the ER just so my gams can look good
  • realized there are certain luxuries from home that are hard to live without. And by luxuries, I am, of course, referring to Dunkin coffee, Tetley tea, and ranch dressing. 
  • found I love whiskey. I like to think it's a genetic trait passed down from Grandad
  • learned to cook tofu without it tasting like mushy cat food. Or what I imagine cat food would taste like. 
  • seen one of my besties marry an amazing man, and get to be a part of the most special day of their lives. A big congratulations once again to Mr. and Mrs. Dempsey! 
  • been safe in the knowledge that some things never change, and luckily for me, that means my girls are still the most awesome group of friends anyone could possibly have. Miss you tons! 
  • learned more grammar than I think ever did in school. This is not a terribly exciting thing, for me or my students.
  • acquired the beginnings of a hoarder tendency when it comes to saving every brochure, ticket, and flyer that crosses my path about all things Europe. Luckily, is all contained in a nice little container... so now I am a hoarder with OCD. 
  • become a total cliche in falling for my student. Luckily, I teach adults so this is not the gross, immoral and illegal situation it sounds like. 
  • become a much more creative cook, out of sheer necessity. What is this kefir in the fridge, and what the hell am I supposed to make with it???
  • read more than ever. I would say I am well-read, but I'm pretty sure most of my books do not fit into this category.
  • successfully navigated the vinoteka, a life-changing day for Paul-John and I
  • had a year full of the most spectacular, life-changing adventures. Here's to many, many more!
Our UK trip was a fantastic time. I got to catch up with an old friend and see her two adorable little girls. There is something so irresistible about kids with British accents - could they be any more precious? No, I don't think so. However, I am now at the age that any time a baby is shoved in my arms, all other adults in the room stare me down, sigh, and then after a pregnant pause (see what I did there?) say "Wouldn't it be so lovely to have babies around here again?" I hate to disappoint, but seeing as I can barely look after myself and will still happily munch away on kiddie snacks while watching cartoons myself, I wouldn't hold your breath Nan. 

It was really great to see family again, and scope out the new house (which is fabulous!). Walking through Tesco was a special kind of torture, with my longingly stroking all of the jars of spices and curry pastes and Bramley apple pies and sausage rolls and damning WizzAir for their carry-on policies. Czech Tesco, catch up! 

A weekend with family was followed by a trip to Wales with TAndrew and Shannon. While the weather was not exactly beach worthy, Pembroke, during those brief periods of sunshine, is absolutely stunning. Rolling green fields, bright blue ocean, and terrifying cliffs that make my question why Health & Safety are so concerned with making sure the garbage men aren't injured using pinkies to pick up trash cans, but yet no rail as been put up in some of these places. Shannon and I kept a healthy distance between us and then edge... I think we all know my coordination could lead to disastrous results. Sadly, we had to bid TAndrew a fond farewell and wish them the best of luck as they start a new life in London, so it was a quiet apartment that I returned to. 

And now, it's really time I stopped delaying and finished cleaning this place so it's nice and sparkling for Katarina's arrival. Šťastný výročí ke mně!

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