Monday, September 19, 2011

kofein, prosím

Delayed reaction jet lag? First day jitters? Unputdownable Bridget Jones's Diary? The glaring lights of KFC and the sweet melodies of the four tram stops outside our apartment? Perhaps some combination of all of the aforementioned factors, but regardless, still managed to see 4:30am while my evil, evil alarm clock counted down the minutes until its 7am debut. It seemed the first day of lessons was off to much the same start as Friday's orientation.

Still, made it to the correct building this time (hurrah!), slurped down as much instant Nestle coffee as I had korunas to pay for (Starbucks, where are you my dear friend?! I know there is one close to school, as I saw a sea of those little white cups breezing by me, but being directionally challenged and perpetually late, I did not have time to investigate.) Got brain up to a semi-functioning level... it may have been a snail's function, but it was a step up from where I started. Thus began three hours of lectures on teaching methodology and schools of thought and a lexis lesson on all things TEFL. I was hardly the standout student. 

Finally, my favorite subject: lunch. Cheapy kebobs (clearly am immersing myself into Czech culture quite well) and a trip to the school library to poke around my locker and see what's in there. Scary looking books. Thought best to leave those along for a little while longer. 

The afternoon meant we got to go off with our observers and meet the Czech students we will be teaching for the first two weeks before swapping groups. I'll admit, at this point I am mentally transcribing my resume into Google Translate, but once we got started, it was really fun. Our observer taught the students a couple icebreakers and a reading lesson, and he's fantastic. The students are all totally game for whatever he throws at them, and it's really interesting to see them work through trying to express themselves when they're not sure what the exact word they need is. They're a really fun group, so I think this might not be as bad as I had imagined - though ask me that again tomorrow when I'm prepping out my first full lesson!

Came home, ate pizza (I know, I know. I will eapolévky and knedliky and vepřové later this week. Also, probably a salad before I develop scurvy.) and had Andrew give me a tutorial on the scary looking washing machine. Lets hope what went in comes out... 

I am off to finish Bridget Jones for the thousandth time go to sleep. Dobrou noc!


  1. Hi Lauren! Do you like some czech food? :) (like "Svíčková" or "knedlíky"?:))

  2. think all of it is yummy, but svickova is probably my favorite :)