Monday, December 12, 2011

And Here On Your Left...

The fabulous thing about Prague is that when people come to visit, it's so easy to impress them. You don't have to tramp off somewhere far away or queue up for any famous monuments - all you need to do is tell them to look up. Boom. Done. Impressed. Well, for the most part. The first leg of the trip from the airport to our apartment in Holesovice is not terrifically inspiring until you start getting closer to Hradcany and St. Vitus starts poking its spires above the buildings, but anything that looks boring you can just say "Ohhhhh, must have been a Communist building" and it automatically becomes more interesting. Believe I would have had an excellent career as a tour guide. Perhaps if this whole teaching things falls through, you'll be able to find me sitting outside the Astronomical Clock waving a red umbrella in the air and trying to corral a pack of German tourists. ("Und hier sehen sie...")

So let me apologize in advance for the unfortunate pictures that are coming your way, but I hope you enjoy the tour! Shall be posting quite a bit in the next few days, so I'm sorry if I overload your inboxes or take over your twitter feeds. :)

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