Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Veggin' Out

Halfway through our week of no meat, and so far, so good. The urge to cram sausages down my face has only hit about three times, which is quite an improvement over my normal state. Today I tried out a variation on Daikon Curry soup and made Thai Cauliflower Curry soup. Also delish. Roomie whipped up some chimichurri portabellos and a big salad for dinner - amazing. Found a massive farmer's market at the (terribly racist named) Yellow Market where we were strolling around feeling very smug about our new-found healthiness.

Conversations largely sounded like this:

L: I just feel, like, I don't know. Lighter. There's more of a spring in my step. I'm not trudging along like I normally am, where I feel like the person in that article and people are asking themselves why I am making so much noise as I saunter down the road.
P: Okay, I'm glad you said that because I was thinking the same thing and we don't want to be those people.
L: Those people who are always preachy about why meat is awful and veggies are so good and look at how fabulous I look after yoga and blah blah blah?
P: Yes, those people.
L: No, we definitely don't want to be those people. Though I have to say that I look really skinny this week.
P: Okay, we are those people.

Whatever. We can be obnoxious to each other.

Lunch at Maitrea tomorrow - very, very much looking forward to it!

And yes, I realize there are very important posts that are getting long overdue, but I am too busy being productive :)

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