Monday, August 6, 2012

Thursday Roundup... slightly delayed, oops!

In my excitement about the weekend, I completely forgot to post on Thursday. Just as well, because have lots to write about!

Listening: Run Run Run by Buckingham Celeste, Black Heart by StooShe
Eating: Attempting to leave the leftovers from yesterday's far east feast until dinner. 9:30 is not an acceptable time for fried noodles. What am I saying?? Any time is an acceptable time for fried noodles, silly girl.
Feeling: Sooooooooooooooo relaxed. Don't even care that it's Monday! (well, yet.)
Loving: All things on boats. Working on getting my sea legs ready for September's trip to Croatia. Have a long way to go! 
Hating: Nic!  
Wanting: To rewind and do the whole weekend again!
Needing: Korunas. 
Thinking: There's a lot to squeeze into the last month of summer! Better get moving!
Planning: How to pack minimally for England so I have lots of spare room to bring home delicious things like Minstrels and Aero Bars. Hmmmm... do I dare sacrifice shoes for chocolate??

Last weekend we went out to bid intern Kelly a fond farewell as she returned to what was left of her summer vacation. Went to Hemingway's for delicious cocktails. Had a Lavender Fizz - yummmmm. The rest of the weekend was spent lounging around various parks and trying (unsuccessfully) to get a tan.

Shannon and I checked out a meditation class last Monday. Think both our chakras are slightly out of order, but I still appreciate any situation where I can sit down and shut off for an hour and a half. Would have been much more enjoyable if there wasn't a child chucking playing cards and her book at my face, but hopefully the munchkin will stay home tonight. Ohmmmmmmm.

Went to Sazava Fest on Friday to watch Donut's band play - you can check them out here: Pankix. Had a blast watching them, and Fun Loving Criminals, Nightworks, etc. 

Woke up on Saturday morning and continued on our way to Cesky Krumlov for a day of boating with some of Donut's friends. I was fairly convinced I'd be over the side of our little canoe in approximately 2.5 minutes, but I managed to stay inside the entire trek, though was thoroughly soaked after the first dam. It was an excellent day! The sun was shining, the company was excellent, and I cannot wait to go again. We stopped off at the Eggenberg brewery for lunch before finishing up our trek in Zlata Koruna.

We also managed to somehow just bypass a massive hail storm that hit the area. Very strange to see the roads covered in ice after just having spent the day in a bikini. Headed back to Prague for some amaaaaaazing food from Donut's mom. God, so good. Don't know why he ever moved out, silly man.

We continued with our boating on Sunday by renting a paddleboat in the city center. I channeled my inner tourist and went a bit photo crazy. This was followed by drinks with Peej trying to woo a new potential roommate, a far east feast, and lots of much needed sleep. 

All around, an excellent weekend. :) Now, back to the daily grind.

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