Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Roundup

Listening: trams, taxis and the dreaded washing machine. Ahhhh, home.
Eating: Have been bitchin' in the kitchen all afternoon after finally going grocery shopping. Farfalle pasta salad, which will be lunch from here til eternity, and spicy thai noodles with carrots and peanuts for dins. Delish. Also planned on making peanut butter banana oatmeal breakfast bars, but then I got sleepy, so I decided, mehhh. 
Feeling: Like I would enjoy another cookie, and also, this:

Loving: The fabulousness that was the Korean Symphony Orchestra, which we went to see last night at the Rudolfinum. They were incredibly impressive, given that half of them looked to be about 8 years old... 
Hating: That all our little expat buddies are leaving. Whyyyyyyyyyy?! But will try to be positive, so instead am going to just look at it as me gaining all these fantastic new vacation destinations. That the streets of Prague are not conducive to my collection of high heels (they just look so saddddd sitting there all unused most of the time.) And all of the stupid shortcuts that this laptop has built into it. Windows 7, if you continue to close windows and disable my keyboard and reboot without me knowing why, you can suck it. 
Wanting: A weekend full of sunshine.
Needing: A tan. 
Thinking: That summer's going by way too quickly, it's almost August and I'm not prepared - SLOW DOWN!
Planning: Subtle ways to slip my new student a copy of my resume. ("Today we're going to do a lesson on CV writing!") 

In his valiant efforts to make me into a much better version of myself, Donut offered to give me Driving School Sunday. This began on the driving range at Letnany. I fear there's no WPGA championship in my future, though I am excited about the wardrobe possibilities. I do love a good visor. I look forward to going back and getting my ball to move more than the average 7 and a half inches it did last weekend. Also, I like that it's at a municipal airport, so there are enough amateur pilots taking off and landing to take some of the focus off my terrible game. 

This was followed by a trip to IKEA (ohmmmm), and then part two of driving Sunday... in the vehicle. My experience with driving a stick shift up until this point was one disastrous lesson with my mom on a tiny one way street in England, and playing the part of happy passenger/musical accompaniment beside someone who actually knows what they are doing. All this was about to change. 

I had half-heartedly said "Yeah, sure, I'll learn one day, in a big empty parking lot where there's nothing I can hit." That day was Sunday. That parking lot was a side road with an alarming number of cars for a Sunday. Off we went. Then off we went again, because we stalled after about two feet. And then again. And again, and again. And then magically we are on a fairly busy road, while I'm having an internal panic attack that we are about to die because I can't manage to work both my legs simultaneously while also trying to move around a little stick. We pull of the road and into a neighborhood, where I proceed to blindly ignore all traffic laws until stalling out one final time and saying, "I'm done, time for a drink." 

Overall impressions of driving school Sunday: 

  • Golf - when can we go again? When can I buy a visor and pastel plaid??
  • IKEA - come on. There's meatballs, and containers. That's all I need to make me happy.
  • Behind the wheel - if Donut cares to continue with the ruin of his vehicle, I will try. But I think it's best if someone finds me a video game or something first, for the sake of the car, the road-bound citizens of the Czech Republic, and our relationship. 
  • Donut is an excellent and incredibly patient teacher. I think he missed his calling, though I would hardly advise him to switch careers. :)

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