Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Disco Fries & Drunken Watermelons

Paul John and I spent a lovely three weeks back in NJ, soaking up as much sunshine, pool time and diner food as possible. It was, in the words of Nikki, devinnnnne. Here's a round-up of why going home is fabulous...

  • Swiss Air is delightful. They give you yummy chocolates and ice cream, lots of leg room and all the free Swiss wine you could ask for (which, in case you're wondering, is a lot).
  • Some things never change. My friends back at home are always going to be the best, most amazing group of people on the planet, who are fantastic flip cup players but could really do with a bit of practice when it comes to pong. My family is always going to be crazy wonderful, zany, and if you ask Greg, a bunch of cheaters. The diner will always make disco fries that taste like they were cooked up in heaven. And Tucker will remain the most cuddly adorable little critter that ever roamed the earth. 
  • A pool is never more than 20 steps away. There's an ocean. 'Nuff said.
  • I can wear heels without fear of cracking my ankle in half by collapsing into a tram line or through the cracks in the cobblestones. 
  • Fist pumping is a totally accepted form of dance. 
  • Beach sangria will always be delicious, especially to wash down a KC bagel and Dunkin coffee. 
  • No one looks at you with disdain if you run errands in your sweats. 
  • You can understand everything! (though sometimes, you don't want to...)
  • Michael's fulfills every Pinterest ambition I've acquired since moving here. This contributed largely to my additional suitcase going home.
  • As did my trips to A&P. I can fit about five of my local Billas inside one A&P. Eggos, I will miss you tremendously. 
  • Two words: Free. Water.
  • Watching two of your besties do something as grown up as get married is a wonderful thing. Congratulations again to the new Mr. & Mrs. Dempsey... love you both!

And here are a few reasons why such a long vacation is not necessarily the best thing...
  • All of those previously mentioned Eggos and bagels take a toll. Vacation eating is fine, vacation eating for three weeks while operating under the taste buds of Buddy the Elf is not. 
  • A certain Donut was very, very far away for a very, very long time. 
  • You eventually have to turn around and go back, and it's just as hard as it was the first time around. I crammed as much into my suitcases as possible, but sadly, there was not enough room to fit everyone else along too. I'm incredibly lucky to have such amazing people on both sides of the Atlantic, but it certainly makes saying goodbye very difficult. (Paul John, I apologize again for the sporadic bouts of tears you had to witness throughout our flights home.) 
A wonderful trip back, and I cannot wait to see everyone again. I want lots of visitors this year!

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