Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thursday Throwdown

I realize that I update this far too irregularly, so this is my attempt to change that. After spotting Tina Azmuz's occasional update on, where else - Pinterest, I thought - I can do that. And so, I shall. Just slightly modified.

Listening: If you don't count the parade of drunk girls underneath my window screaming "Woop Woop, Woop Woop" right now, then it's a rotation of Some Nights by fun. and all things Cheryl Cole.
Eating: Just had dinner with Peej, Kimi & her absolutely lovely friend Amy at Ambiente, full of wine, yummy pasta, and too much dramatic shenanigans for such a lovely summer. This is also a veggie only week, to counteract the previously mentioned month of US and boredom eating.
Feeling: Ecstasy that it's not currently raining. Sadness that some men boys don't realize how blessed they are, because my girls are fantastic catches who anyone would be lucky to have. For shammmme. In the words of the ever-wise Allison, "Move on and move up!" However, seems to be a global problem.
Loving: A good old fashioned porch party. Long overdue, and missing a couple key players, but splitting an excellent bottle of Chilean CabSauv with Peej on our balcony is a fabulous way to wind down an evening, which shall be repeated often.
Hating: This horrendous excuse for a summer that the Czech Republic has been trying to pass off this past week. July should equal sunshine, beer gardens, and swimming, not rain and coats. Blehhhhhh.
Wanting: A sewing machine, so I can make all the fabulous clothes and pillows I see on Pinterest. And curtains. I want some curtains. Which I would sew, on my sewing machine, if only I had one.
Needing: See above. And a new job. Workin' on it!
Thinking: Am turning into my mother. First it was the sewing machine. Then it was the manic need to clean before the cleaning lady comes. This is fine with me, because if I turn out like my mom, I'll be in good form indeed. :)
Planning: On how to squish all my furniture into Tandrew's room when they move out, so Peej and I can continue our porch parties without traipsing through a stranger's room. And how I'm going to take over the world, obviously.

Donut taught me how to roll sushi on Monday... think I'm something of a natural. ;) Pics to follow... eventually!

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