Monday, October 17, 2011


I know it's been fairly quiet on my end, but with the end of TEFL training last week, I was swamped with lesson planning and final projects and job interviews and all of that stuff that I had been convinced I was done with when I graduated MSU. And by Friday, after some very half-assed lessons from our trainers and getting to watch one trainer choke out a fellow student, we were free. After deciding that 9:45am was not an acceptable time to go to the pub and that we needed to find something a little bit more productive, we settled on lattes and strolling through Wenceslas Square and into Old Town. Meandered around a little market full of souvenirs and terrifying witch marionettes that cackle as you pass.

Terrifying. From there, we walked into Old Town, where we passed the Sex Machines Museum. Obviously, had to peek in.

Told me I was frozen. Obviously broken. However, I think a peek is all I will be doing there - anything more is bound to prove horrific. All manner of scary machines and get-ups that are sure to leave mental scars if I actually learn about them. No, thank you.

As one of my fellow TEFLers has somehow managed to live in Prague for a full month and still not have gone to Old Town Square, we headed there and camped out to watch the astronomical clock go off. And since I finally had my camera on me this time, I got to take a picture of that modern art installation I was talking about before. Readddddy for it?

Please let me know if you get it. ;)

Then it was on to lunch, then drinks, then lots and lots of wandering around trying to find the Caledonian Party before finally getting home and snuggling in now that our nice weather is gone. Saturday was spend lounging around watching tv, then going out bowling and to the Big Lebowski for a friend's bday. Sunday was a Burger King breakfast day, followed by more lounging, then football at the Globe (please keep in mind that games start at 10pm due to the time difference)... very late night.

Today I found out I was one of the top TEFLers of the training, so I graduated and got a full-time job offer (wahhhoooooo - in the words of Melissa Gorga, praise Jesus.), made a fabulous dinner for all the roomies (shepherds pie), and am about to settle in for some Big Brother. Have a 5am curtain call on the other side of town to trek to Berlin for visas tomorrow, so I'm off. Ciao for now.