Sunday, October 30, 2011

je to pět hodin někde

After going utterly stir crazy after one day of hibernation, I'd had enough and decided it was time to get into the Halloween spirit and do some touristy things. So I grabbed Tristan and we headed out (finally, nice weather!) to the Museum of Torture.

Its a good thing that we decided to have lunch after the museum, because it's every bit as stomach turning as you'd expect (though very clear that the people at Madame Tussaud's have not made their way here yet and haven't bought it out). After learning all about thumb screws and the rack and a whole slew of other gruesome punishments, we checked out the wax museum (250 Kc for both - not bad!). It's unfortunate that I did not know who the majority of the people in there were - my knowledge of Czech historical luminaries is pretty tiny - but was fun nonetheless. Especially when you got to the top floor and there is a seemingly random assortment of people just thrown in there - Bill Clinton, Ivana Trump (No Donald?), some hockey players, Elvis. Not sure what was happening there.

Thankfully it was time to eat so we grabbed pizzas and decided what to do next. We decided on U Fleku, a Czech pub from 1499. Definitely a tourist trap, but completely worth it. It was absolutely packed, but we managed to find two empty seats, sat down, ordered a pivo and downed some Becherovka (I swear, I immediately felt better - maybe there is some truth to the claims!). I was very skeptical about this beer - it was incredibly dark and looked more like cola, but you don't get a choice in the matter so I gave it a shot. And it was delicious! Bottoms up!

Then we just sat back and enjoyed. Well, I did. Tristan jabbered away in German to the people we were sitting with, while I nodded along and laughed when I thought it was appropriate (though they probably thought I was a total nutter), while the accordian player played classic Czech tunes like Home on the Range and When the Saints Go Marching In.

After that, it was back to our trusty Globe for some Gambrinus and a couple games of Heizel (?) and to wait until it was an appropriate time to get to Nebe for some dancing. Had a fabulous time playing Tristan's wingwoman and drinking mojitoes from a Russian hockey team, but am paying for it this morning...errrr... afternoon. 

Now that I have sufficiently procrastinated, it's really time for me to get out of bed and get to work so I can get things done for this week's lessons. Blah. Ciao!

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