Monday, November 7, 2011

dva měsíce

Another month has rolled by in the fabulous city of Prague, making it a whopping two, count 'em, dva months that I have been here (again - that's it?! weird.). So I thought it might be time for a little czech in...

  • My Czech is still atrocious. And not for nothing everyone, but giggling every time I attempt something in Czech is really not helping. At least I am trying. Most days. Provided I've gotten enough sleep. Have every intention of getting a language swap buddy and taking classes as soon as school gives me a free one. Though do get mistaken for a Czech quite often on the street - I'm taking that as a sign that I've adapted to the local fashion quite well (read: black. leather. fierce boots.)
  • Goodness gracious, was I ever mistaken when I thought TEFL was brutal. Psht, piece of cake. My entire life is now lesson planning, which my roommates (who somehow, miraculously, seem to do none) think is hysterrrrrical. The fact that they don't seem to is the (verrrrry tiny) light at the end of the tunnel. It's exhausting, really. 
  • My students are awesome! I think I lucked out and managed to get the greatest group of people ever - they are all fun and energetic and pretend to be interested despite both of us knowing that those lessons are not that interesting. Hang in there, I will get better - promise!
  • A (rather substantial) part of me feels a bit like a fraud when I teach. Why are you trusting me to teach  you English?!?! I say crap like "That's bananas." and "OMG". I literally say "Ohemgee". I know fuck all about grammar (wtf is a modal verb? and why does it matter???) so we're on a pretty even playing field there. In fact, no. My Czech students DEFINITELY know more grammar than I do. It's embarrassing. Really, NJ education system. Good job.
  • Now that I am no longer surrounded by other newbie expats all the time, I am dying to meet new people. Any suggestions, anyone? 
  • I have a deep and lasting love affair with the following: Milka choco-grain cookies, Poma cheese, the Bata on Wenceslas Square (alas, my bank account means this can only be unrequited love), Gambrinus, Google Translate, those (very rare) days when the sun peeks out over the spires, BBUK (#teamalex), the gorgeous man who gets onto the metro the same time I get off every day, the receptionist at KB who speaks no English but is still the most helpful little woman in the world, every ESL website ever made, and just getting lost in this amazing place.
  • The appliances are still in cahoots against me. But that is all about to change because...
  • I have decided to face my fears. Well, fear of the appliances. Birds and skiing are still out of the question. I may not be able to tackle the Czech language, but I can sure as hell buy a cookbook and try to tackle the Czech cuisine (or Czech kitchen, if you are my students). Obviously, said cookbook will be in English - let's not push it. But really, how hard can it be to make knedlíky (dumplings). Famous last words? Errrr...
  • Where can I buy a hot water bottle? Don't you dare tell me Tesco. 
There is definitely soooooooooo much more, but I am mentally drained (from learning about modal verbs!) and need to get to bed so I can wake up and do it all over again. 

Dobrou noc, mé lásky!

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