Friday, January 4, 2013

I hereby declare...

I was right, this jet lag is killing me. After a brief nap, I'm now wide awake at 3am. Rats.

So then, lets get to it. Here are my grand plans for 2013.

- mail actual birthday cards. Mapping out calendar reminders tomorrow. Ability of recipients to understand said birthday cards highly questionable. Ability of myself to even recognize that said cards are in fact meant for birthdays also dubious.

- put that sewing machine to good use. One new craft a month, documented.

- learn some more basic Czech. Be able to have a conversation with Donut's parents.

- find a new job. Stop being lazy and get on it. Preferably one with things like benefits and a salary that puts me above the poverty line.

- expand circle if friends here. Our group has shrunk considerably in the last six months, and it can be quite lonely with the Jersey three holding things down. Reminds me, must email dinner party group and tell them will host. Now, what typical American food can I make without a grill?

- be a better blogger. This is mainly an outlet for me to fill in family and friends about what's going on, but I enjoy it a lot and want to push myself to be more diligent about keeping up with it. So hold me accountable.

- be happy and healthy and blah blah blah.

Also, quick little recipe care of Donut's dad for fast and easy hot wine (let's face it, after Christmas it's the only thing winter is good for): pour yourself a mug of your favorite red (a nice Pinot noir, a scrumptious cab Sauv), add about one inch of cinnamon stick, two or three cloves, and two teaspoons of sugar. Zap it in the microwave for two minutes, slurp away, refill with more wine when needed. Each spice mix is good for at least two glasses, so glug away as you count down the days until spring.

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