Thursday, January 24, 2013


Three solid weeks without sunshine, freezing temperatures, snow, and awful dry heat has finally caught up with me and have had a nasty sinus headache for three days, which is why I was such a delinquent poster.

As such, I have not been super productive, but I did start working on a little project to keep me busy (tho my Kindle cover revamp is on hold until I feel clearheaded enough to tackle math again). Months and months ago, I asked my mom to mail me my recipe box, but thanks to the ever-reliable Czech postal system, that recipe box, full of family recipes and ones that I had collected over the years, is now probably sitting in someone's Bohemian kitchen as they ponder the meaning of "sweet milk". So when I was home for Christmas, I went through my cookbooks and mom's and photographed all of the recipes I wanted into my iPad. I thought that would be a nice, easy and convenient way to store them.

However, I soon realized that I do not trust myself to not spill olive oil all over my beloved tech tool, so thought it best to go back to old school written recipe cards. Months of searching around Prague told me I'd need to improvise somehow, so I've been making do with a tiny little notebook and scraps of paper stuffed around the kitchen and my bedroom. It was time to tame the beast.

I saw this woman's approach to organizing her recipes on iheartorganizing and thought it was the most effective way I've seen, so I headed out in search of materials to make it happen. A binder is no problem, it's what's between the covers that caused a bit of trouble. I finally found some photo pockets, but there are no index cards that correspond to the correct size, so I need to cut the bottom row off every card. There are dividers, but not with pockets, so I stuck a plastic sheet protector behind each divider to hold clippings. My hand is beginning to cramp up into what I fear will be an irreversible claw, but there's nothing that can be done about that.

Here are the headings that I went with, as they make the most sense to me:

  • appetizers
  • breakfast
  • soups
  • veggies
  • pasta
  • meat
  • seafood
  • sauces/misc.
  • drinks
  • desserts
  • breads
I was going to break down desserts, but thought it would quickly get out of hand. So there you have it. This incredibly boring post details for you the incredibly boring past few days of what is an incredibly boring month. Am absolutely losing my mind with this weather. Suffering massive SADD and constantly questioning why it is that I don't teach English in somewhere warm, like Thailand... where they actually pay... and they make my favorite food... dammit. It's a slippery slope. If I keep this up, Agog in Prague will become On Lock in Bangkok or All Set in Phuket. But, I mean, really...

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