Monday, January 21, 2013

Patterns, pssssshhhht.

Blender is back where it belongs, and soup has been pureed into a smooth, velvety, veggie goodness:

I added a dollop of greek yogurt for some actual creaminess, and some red pepper because, well, I put it on everything. It was good, but I won't lie to you... it really would have benefited from some bacon (really though, wouldn't everything?).

Then it was on to my next project. Yesterday, while sitting on the bus staring at my dilapidated Kindle cover that has served me for four glorious years, I realized I could just rip it apart and use the insides to make a new one. I got to Donuts, grabbed a piece of paper, and started scribbling out plans.

Since I was kicking butt today on being productive (Exercise! Lessons planned! Real people food!), I decided to get started tonight. Out came the materials:

And then I promptly decided I didn't need yesterday's plan because it wouldn't work anyway. Did I look online for a pattern? No. Patterns are for pansies. How hard can it be, right?

Approximately three minutes later, here's where I was at:

Hmmm... time for a new plan. The cardboard that I wanted from the inside of my old cover was reeeeeeeeally glued and sewn in there. Better abandon that plan. Then I remembered what I found in my room the other day, left over from a Christmas fairy, or Shannon. Either one.

It's a "vintage" Czech Camel ad on very sturdy foam core. I have no idea whose it is or where it came from, but finders keepers.

I traced out my Kindle on it and added a bit around the edges. Then I traced it onto batting, plus half an inch on each side. Then I realized that when I folded the whole thing together, it was too small. Measure twice, cut once is not something I generally adhere to. So I tried again and finally figured out what I hope will be the right sizes. Then I realized that I have nothing to hold my Kindle in it when it's done, my brain hurt from all the math involved in measuring things, and that I really just wanted to go to sleep. So I'm calling it a night. Will reassess tomorrow following caffeine and perhaps a trip to the fabric store for some elastic or something.

Also, did you know that according to "science", today is the most depressing day of the year... Blue Monday. So if you got through today in one piece, you should be okay for the rest of 2013!

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