Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You Can Take the Girl Outta Jersey...

It's another grey, miserable, rainy, disgusting, blehhhhhh day here in Prague, and based on my perusal of the forecast, it's not about to give up anytime soon. Am desperately missing sunshine, warm temperatures, flowers, beer gardens and more than 4 hours of "day light".

Since all my students are so busy working that they have no time for me to be able to, I've got lots of free time this week. So today I pulled out my sewing machine and tried to see if I could get it on. One Skype call home to Mom later, and we were in business. Belt loops on jeans fixed. Whipped myself up a new (leopard print) infinity scarf.  I would have posted lovely pictures of my infinity scarf as I was making it, but I did not for the following reasons: 1) I was not entirely sure what I was doing until it was actually finished, and 2) I did not want to get blood on my camera. Pins can be pesky little buggers.

Attempted to make a shower poof a la Ruffles and Stuff but my sewing machine did not like working with all of that heavy fabric so we gave up on that quite quickly. Also thought about taking in one of my sweater dresses that is gigantic, but with age must come sense because I soon realized that was beyond my capabilities and would have to either way for another day or I'd just have to get fat enough to wear it. I think we all know which one is more likely.

What should I make next??

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