Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today, I realized...

  • I have the beginnings of SADD. It needs to stop raining. 
  • I hate everyone. Not everyone. Most people. Mostly job-related.
  • I miss having a car. Today I saw a schlammered middle-aged couple with a PDA problem on the tram next to me at 3pm (as the old man on the other side of me shook his head in shame), and then someone puked on the subway (no wonder the car was so empty at 5pm).
  • Fraktal changed my beloved BLT. It's a fail. 
  • I have beer tears. Not just around Steph. It's becoming quite embarrassing. 
Hopefully I will have more interesting things to tell you tomorrow, but I'll be honest with you... it's not likely. I told you I was a little ray of sunshine lately. 

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