Thursday, January 3, 2013


Sorry for no post yesterday, but it took much longer than anticipated to cram all of the things that I've acquired in the past few weeks into two suitcases. It took even longer to finally admit to myself that two wasn't going to cut it and that I'd be hauling three full suitcases home with me. Please note that this is the same amount of stuff that I moved to Prague with in the first place. Really not sure how this happened.

We had a totally hellish trip home. Well, it probably wasn't that bad, but I was in a demonic mood and ready to bite the head off anyone and everyone so by the time we made it to Lisbon and walked the five thousand miles kilometers from our plane to the transfers area, then were herded into lines of approximately a bazillion people to be handled by two customs agents and then further corralled through the most obnoxious airport security I've ever seen (and we fly out of Newark!), I was really ready to come to blows with the small child who kept trying to cut me. And don't even get me started on the tantrum I threw when we (finally) got to our gate and the vending machine eats my euros as I'm gasping for water. There were lots of tears over the twelve or so hours we spent travelling. I think it's fair to say that Donut was quite relieved when we got on our flight from Lisbon to Prague, I pulled up my hood, and promptly passed out for the duration of our flight. At least he got a bit of a break.

After Czech lunch at the Donut household, I headed home. It's now been five hours. I am completely unpacked, showered, have reorganized my closet, caught up on emails and now out of ways to keep myself busy. Which I want to, because it's really strange and really, really sad being alone in this apartment after getting to spend three weeks surrounded. Am regretting taking off tomorrow from work (well, not reeeeeeeeally). Am starving but lacking the motivation to change out of my Christmas PJs in order to get something, and the only thing in my kitchen is a three pound bag of Dunkin coffee and a bottle of maple syrup. Really missing the stocked fridges from home right now.

Really missing everything about home right now. Had such a fantastic time heading back, though it flew by so quickly and there wasn't enough time to do everything and see everyone as much as I would have liked. By far the hardest part about this lifestyle is constantly saying goodbye. I know I'm usually super happy here, but days like this make me feel like my heart is breaking. I miss my family and friends so much that it physically hurts.

I think I will venture out to forage for food, just in case this nausea is from hunger rather than sadness. Wish I'd stayed at Donut's tonight, but he's probably appreciating a hiatus in the waterworks. Thank goodness the only other thing I have in the kitchen is wine.

Mom, Dad, Jenna, Lili, Ben, Tuck and all my besties - I love you guys so much.

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