Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On My To Do List

A quiet day, so nothing very exciting to report. Thought I'd tally up for you some of the things on my to-do list, a la Pinterest...

In the kitch:

Basically, I will eat anything that has Thai in the name or description. Yummmm.

The world's most perfect little salty sweet cracker.

For all of those crock pot recipes that call for cream of mushroom/chicken/whatever that I can't find at my friendly neighborhood Billa. 

Everything you need to know is right in the name.

What did I tell you?

However, this recipe seems to be missing some very important elements...
peppers, onions, and bacon, obviously.

Same as before, in a slightly different form.

In my cup:

If someone would be so kind as to lead me to where the apple cider is in this country, I'll make you one too.

Have introduced Donut to the magic that is the Starbucks Chai tea latte, but have a very tricky time hunting down chai tea as the Czech word for tea (čaj) is pronounced the same way and just seem redundant. This is perfect because the Maxwell House International Latte Chai mix I brought back from the states is quickly disappearing and I'm about to panic. 


Luckily, after a failed attempt at some Czech-made Jello shots last summer, I know exactly where to find plain gelatin. See, everything's for a reason. 

Now that Peej has brought home Sharpies, this is totes happening. 

Not ornaments necessarily, but some little colorful things. 

Take the 200 or so recipes I just added to my iPad and write 'em up. 

Damn you winter weather for ruining my nails. 

Looks like I'll be fairly busy for a while... 

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