Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lean, mean 2013

I hope everyone had a stellar time ringing in the new year and saying goodbye to 2012. Was the last year as good for you as it was for me? ;)

Spent a bit if time looking through last year's resolutions and thinking about the upcoming year, so I will get into that a bit more once I get back to Prague and have a full comp instead of my new favorite toy. Also kicking off 2013 with another blogging challenge but will also post more about that later.

Our trip to the states is wrapping up far too quickly for my liking and I really should be packing, but I'm too interested in waiting for my Chinese to get here and soaking up English-speaking tv to be bothered with something as lengthy as all that. It's gonna be quite a process, as have once again amassed an incredible amount of stuff which Donut will have the pleasure of helping me haul home.

So know that much, much more is on the way for Agog in the upcoming year but that I've got other things to focus on first. Happy new year!

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