Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lucky No. 7

Another cold and blustery day. Sleepy from watching election results with my fellow Americans, but full of good cheer at the results (Gobama!) and slightly amused by the Czech reaction to it - lots of excitement on the trams and trains this morning.

Today's topic is...

What is your dream job, and why?
Does retirement count?

  • Owning a pottery painting studio. Prague's version of Color Me Mine, but way cooler, here in Letna. My copy of Business Plans for Dummies and my Golden Hands notebook are getting quite the workout. Possibly the only good thing to come out of me and Shan's doomed trip to Kutna Hora, I want to do this because I can think of nothing better than spending my day making fabulous things and helping other people to do it too. This feeds both my creative needs and my love of being in control. It's uber relaxing and highly marketable, and it means I'd never need to teach the past perfect continuous ever again.
  • Restaurant critic. Because if financially able, I would be a gazillion pounds due to gorging myself on every delectable menu item at each restaurant in the land. Eat and give an opinion? Piece of cake.
  • Professional organizer. Because then I could buy as many containers as my little heart desired, and write them off as a business expense. 
  • IKEA furniture putter-togetherer. It's legit.
  • BBC News Anchor. So I can use my ridiculous newscaster accent and make everything sound extremely dramatic. Paul John got to hear it during last night's election coverage, and this just in... he digs it. His newscaster voice sounds like Hyacinth Bucket.
  • Leader of the free world, because, obviously. 
Reporting live from the BBC Central European desk, Paul John. 

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