Saturday, November 3, 2012

remember, remember, it's finally November

There are many posts that I meant to write... Shannon and me's misadventures in Kutna Hora (lesson of the day - always follow the crowd), Donut and me exploring DesignBlock and the World Press Photo Exhibit, mushroom hunting and Karlstejn and the Alfons Mucha Epic at the National Gallery, but I have been lazy. Bottom line, it's just laziness.

But I had been waiting for November so that I could do this. Because November has 30 days, so this works out quite nicely. I thought it would be a good way to force me into writing every day, which would in turn make it more natural to write more often.

Those were my intentions.

But the reality is that November 1st kicked off with a nonstop lonnnnng work day followed by a Pink Crocodile event, and November 2nd was jam packed full of a nasty migraine and a trip to the always lovely Prague emergency room, and now its 5pm on November 3rd, I am still camped out on Donut's couch trying to banish what's left of what shall now be known as the world's longest headache, and I have three days of the challenge to get caught up on. Sooooo, here goes.

Day One: List 20 Random Facts About Yourself
This is way hard.

  1. More often than not, the voice in my head speaks with a British accent. It's like Bridget Jones is narrating my life. This is probably because I read the book about once a year, and have for since 1996. 
  2. I hate pumpkin flavored things. In fact, all members of the squash family trigger an automatic gag reflex, so when September rolls around and everyone goes berserk for pumpkin lattes and pumpkin nutella muffins and pumpkin soup and pumpkin stuff browned butter ravoli, I want to throw up a little.
  3. When I was little, I used to wish that I could sing instead of be smart. I often still think this, though the lack of a voice does not seem to diminish my lyrical performances (unfortunately for my roommates). 
  4. I'm allergic to nail polish.
  5. My favorite number is seven. 
  6. It drives me insane that people assume my name is Lauren. I don't understand why people can't process more than one syllable and just shut their ears off after hearing "Laur".
  7. When our internet was out a few weeks ago and I'd finished all the books on my Kindle, I started ready Grimm's Fairy Tales. I had to stop. Because they gave me nightmares. I'm 27.
  8. I love to cook and bake, but there is one thing I absolutely cannot seem to make correctly. Steph knows this. It's cupcakes. They're my culinary nemesis. 
  9. I am a terrible photographer. I'd like to blame the camera, but I'm pretty sure having a fancy one wouldn't make a lick of difference.
  10. Questions such as "What's your favorite book?" or "What's your favorite movie?" always make me panic. I would love to say something impressive, like War Peace, and some impressive, artsy, directorially genius film, but the truth is that my favorite book is Bridget Jones' Diary and my favorite movie is Love Actually, because they make me happy. So hmph.
  11. When I was a kid, I used to break out in a rash when I ate too much ham. This was unfortunate, as I loved ham and would sneak pieces of it all day from the fridge whenever we went to visit grandma. I would always get caught. Guess how? Luckily, now that I live in the land of all things pork, this seems to be something I've grown out of.
  12. I think most of my friends would agree that I am generally quite laid back and patient and seem to like everyone and that's true. But once I decide I don't like you, I can't stand you. It's very rare, and it annoys me that I do it, but it happens. Sorry, I'm not sorry
  13. I'm pretty sure my iPod playlist resembles that of a 13 year old girl's. There's an embarrassingly large number of One Direction songs on it...
  14. My favorite drink is an old-fashioned. Makes me feel like Joan Harris from Mad Men. Fierce.
  15. Finding out my name day is June 1st was probably the greatest news a December baby could hear. 
  16. I am a stickler for the rules. I'm terrified of getting in trouble, going where I'm not supposed to, or doing something I shouldn't. I've never stolen so much as a pack of gum. This is why I am often so reluctant to go along with Steph's schemes... but we always have fun so I'm eternally grateful to her for making me not be such a stick in the mud.
  17. I'm gracefully awkward. I believe this poor relationship with gravity is due to a severe case of swimmer's ear on my 21st birthday. That, or my alcohol intake increased dramatically and that has something to do with it...
  18. This list has taken an embarrassingly long amount of time.
  19. I still have my belly button ring in. It's the only thing that gives me an innie. It's been almost half my life and I feel naked without it, even if it is incredibly tacky. One day, I'll make the leap, but not today.
  20. Running away to Prague was the scariest, craziest, hardest thing I've ever done. And while I miss everyone from home so much every single day, it was also the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am a much happier, healthier, and saner person that I was when I got here. Must be the beer ;)
Day Two: List Three Legitimate Fears You Have and Explain How They Became Fears
I'm pretty sure they are referring to something serious, like "I'm afraid I'll be alone because I was once lost at the mall for two hours" or something, not what's listed here...
  1. Birds. Awful creatures. I'm pretty sure it started after getting pecked by a Canadian Goose at Waterloo Village. This was followed by pigeons in Trafalgar Square, an owl at some country festival in England, and being chased down and nearly pecked in the head by an ostrich at 6 Flags. It's like they know. However, despite the fact that they scare the bejesus out of me and send my blood pressure sky high as my heart pounds away, I do love stylized bird decorations for the home and on jewelry. Go figure.
  2. Skiing. One fateful day, when I was 12, we were on some boy scout ski trip with my brother. It was late in the season and everything was icy. I did decently in my lesson, but froze on the ski slope and didn't want to get off. What followed was a graceless thump as my body hit a snow drift. Once I got going, I made it about a quarter of the way down the ski slope before someone hit me in perhaps one of the most horrific hit-and-run accidents known to Great Gorge, NJ. One ski pops off and hits me in the stomach, and the other whacks me in the head, knocking me out as I start rolling down the hill in what seemed to me at the time to be like in a cartoon. My teeth chomp through my lips, and my ski pole whips from my right hand, across my nose, and slices 1/8th of an inch underneath my eye. When I come around, spitting out a mouthful of my own blood, there's my mom, telling me to go hike back up the hill, collect my runaway skis, and walk down the mountain. Toddlers were laughing at me. This was, after all, the bunny slope. I go to first aid, looking like a patient in an Outbreak-esque film, with mascara and blood running from my eyes, a mangled mouth and a swollen nose. Therefore, I simply do not see the appeal of hurtling down the side of a mountain strapped to two skinny pieces of wood (fiberglass?) with sticks that will blind you whilst it's freezing cold out. You can find me in the lodge, or the hot tub, with a spike mug of hot chocolate. That's infinitely more enjoyable than a death ride down massacre mountain. 
  3. Mice. Anyone who was ever in our Morristown apartment slum knows why.

Day Three: Describe Your Relationship with Your Parents

I am incredibly lucky to have such amazing parents who have always supported me, trusted me to do what's best for myself, and been there to help as much as I needed. I certainly have tested that plenty of times over the years, but I couldn't ask for better parents, and I love and miss them both terribly. I could ask that they fly over and visit more often though! :)

Phew, that's a lot of writing. To everyone in NJ, I'm thinking of you. Hope your power is back soon, your homes are okay, and that your families are safe.

If you would like to help those whose lives were impacted by Hurricane Sandy, there are numerous relief efforts available. Red Cross has donation options available via text message and iTunes, and a quick Google search for Hurricane Sandy Relief can provide you with more specific local needs.

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