Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Turkey, turkey everywhere. In the midst of turning Saturday's culinary masterpiece into new, exciting taste explosions, I completely forgot, so here is my catching up:

What's your favorite part of  your body and why?

Hmmmm... this is going to sound very strange, but I'm gonna go with my left eyebrow. It has a way of creeping halfway up my forehead without me even noticing whenever I find something amusing/embarrassing for someone/distasteful/annoying/whatever. I wish I could train my right eyebrow to do the same, as I'm worried that in 20 10 years one eye will have significantly less wrinkles due to its daily workout. My students laugh at me for it, Peej impersonates it, and here it is in all it's Thanksgiving day glory...

You can also see my wine-induced pink nose... 

What is your love language?
uhhhhh... French?

I have no idea what this question means, so I was going to just skip it, but then I Googled it and found this nifty quiz, so let's see, shall we? Please hold...

... Quality time. Which, according to this other site means...

Quality Time: You crave togetherness. Being in the same room is not "togetherness". You want a person's undivided attention-- a true connection with someone. Dialects of the language of Quality Time are Quality Conversation, Quality Listening, and Quality Activities. You can enjoy just one or multiple dialects.
  • Quality Conversation consists of focusing on drawing the other person out, listening sympathetically to what they have to say, and asking questions with the genuine desire to understand their thoughts, feelings, and desires (not as a means to an end, like solving their problems). It also consists of you, yourself, verbalizing your thoughts, feelings, and desires.
  • Quality Activities means you like to enjoy activites with people to spend time with those people. It's not the activity that's important but the quality time. Whether it's something new or something you love to do all the time, you'll always remember those times with the people that matter in your life.
To improve proficiency in Quality Conversation: Don't engage in other activities while you are listening to another person. This is about quality time. Listen for feelings and observe body language. Then confirm their feelings, e.g., "You must be really frustrated since..." It says you're listening and gives the person to clarify their feelings. Do not interrupt! Research has indicated that the average individual listens for only 17 sec before interrupting and interjecting their own ideas. Ask reflective questions (so there're no misunderstandings), express understanding (so they know they've been heard), and lastly, ask if there is anything you can do to be helpful.

So now you know. And so do I. Though I feel this quiz is not quite scientific, especially as every other question is about receiving gifts and you feel like a shallow asshole if you just keep answering "Yes, I like when people give me things"... even if it's slightly true (it's almost my birthday and Christmas, it's allowed.).

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