Monday, November 19, 2012


Slightly overdid it last night and had a rough morning. How come the older you get, the more likely it is that you so much as look at alcohol, it's an automatic hangover? I find this completely unacceptable.

Today's post is...

What are your five greatest accomplishments?

  • Moving to Prague. Not exactly the bravest, greatest, most inspiring thing anyone's ever done, but it was a really hard thing for me to do, and I'm glad I did.
I can't find original artist info, but this was posted here: Polo and Vines

  • How I did at my last job. You guys, that job was the worrrrrrrst. But I was good at it. I kicked ass in it. My spreadsheets reigned supreme. So that's nice to know.
  • I'm an excellent student. I actually really, really liked school. And if it wasn't for one awful little troll in "Voice and Speech Improvement" who told me I sounded like a six year old sucking helium, I would have had a perfect college GPA (while finishing early, natch). So, summa whaaaat?!
  • This blog. It makes me happy that I get to entertain you (or try), and it's really awesome to get to look back and see what my life has been like the past year or so. It's not churning out advertising revenues or garnering a massive following, but I'm pretty proud of it. 
  • I'm proud of the fact that I neither weigh a thousand pounds or have a serious drinking problem after living in the Czech Republic.. but don't worry, I'm working on it. ;)

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