Monday, November 12, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Now these are completely out of order, but I don't care, and neither should you.

List ten people who have influenced you and how.
This is in groups, because I cannot limit myself to 10. Also, this is in no specific order, before you start getting all uppity about your place in the list.

  1. My parents, and not just for the good looks that have worked their way into my genes (wink), but I also got Dad's even temper and Mom's love of creating beautiful (sometimes, in my case) things. They're super supportive, lots of fun, and wonderful for all the reasons I've listed here before.
  2. Ben, Jenna & Lili. While we haven't always been really close, they mean the world to me. I hope Jenna and Lili enjoy their last days of taking my stuff, cuz when I come back in December, it's all coming home with me!
  3. My girls. They're just the most awesome, amazing, fun, crazy, wild, lovely, ridiculous, loud, dramatic, supportive people I know. I love all of them for different reasons. Together they have taught me how to be a stronger person, how to be a more caring person, how to speak my mind, how to lean on others, how to put on eye shadow, how to properly chug Irish car bombs, how to cook scallops, how to mix margaritas, and how to dougie. They're the best. I feel sorry for everyone else who doesn't have the coolest friends in the world. Nahnahnahnahnahhhh.
  4. Peeeej. I've said it before - I am so lucky to have a little slice of home here with me. I'm grateful for him pushing me to come to Prague, I'm thankful for all his help once I did get here, and I'm so happy for his porch party accompaniment where we can rant Jersey-style about the tomfoolery that happens around here sometimes. 
  5. Donut. He's so adult, it boggles our minds sometimes (we being silly children with fake jobs and whatnot). I've said it a gazillion times, but I am incredibly lucky to have him in my life - he is so smart, so kind, so much fun to be around. He's always up for an adventure, does excellent translation work, and constantly has me smiling. I can't wait for everyone from home to meet him this Christmas and fall in love with him too! Okay, this is corny and way too mushy for me. Moving on...
  6. Grandma and Grandpa. I think it's fairly obvious that Grandma is literally the ONLY person I'm related to who could possibly have passed down a love of cooking. 
  7. Nanny and Grandad, who tackle everything with a fantastic sense of humour and can laugh in the worst of times. 
  8. Moji přátelé v Praze - most of them have left and moved on to new adventures all over the place, but each one of them has made this city a wonderful place to live, I've made memories with them to last a lifetime, and they're just plain awesome. As all of my friends are. I'm seeing a trend here.
  9. The Highs and Lows of my dating history. If I'm being as legitimately honest as I should be, I could leave this off the list. For better or for worse, this ragtag group of boys has shaped how I view relationships. They've taught me what I want, what I want to avoid, what things I can deal with and what is non-negotiable. They've taught me how to love, detest, forgive, forget, and shown me that true besties will always be there (with vodka!) when you're pissed off/sad/lonely/happy with/embarrassed by/stunned by or just need a good laugh and a strong cocktail about the one you just can't stop drinking about.  
  10. Tuck. Okay, I realize Tuckie is not a person, but I love him and it's my list and that's that. I told Ry once that I didn't think I ever wanted kids because I couldn't imagine loving a screaming infant as much as I love Tuck. I know this is insane. I get that. But Tuck taught me how to care for something else. No dog will be as strange looking, well behaved, adorable and just plain awesome as Tuck is, sooooo, sorry, your puppy's cute and all, but nah. 
I meannnnn, come on. 

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